Unique history comparsion tool for a fast decision making

ReplayCrypto project

ReplayCrypto brings a revolutionary approach to the market analysis as well as current and historical data evaluations. The platform consists of many parts; the most unique and important is called Déjà vu. This tool allows you to experience “time travel”. Thanks to the proprietary algorithm, we can find similar moments in history with congruence expressed as percentages and make fast buy/sell decisions. ReplayCrypto works with own formatted data collected since 2017. Its ecosystem is based on the REC token as a basic payment method for subscription and currency for DeFi driven marketplace.

Trader's DILEMMA

Buy or sell?

The life of every trader is about this simple question. The common way to answer this question is a complicated , time-consuming and very subjective task.

  • Drawing lines and patterns
  • Following other traders's strategies
  • Analyzing markets
  • Searching fundamentals

It's time to let the old ways die

now is


It's time to ReplayCrypto

No more analysis paralysis
No more guessing


  • 2016

    Our idea was born
  • 8/2017

    Started data storing
  • 3/2018

    Cryptoarms company founded
  • 9/2018

    Launched testing project:
  • 2019

    POC development, Community research, Base Team growth
  • 2020 H1

    Algorithm tested & ERC20 token created
  • 2020 H2

    Demo devlopement
  • 2020 Q4

    Demo launch
  • 2021 H2

    Alfa launch
  • 2022

    Beta launch

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