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We fight AGAINST


We fight against the traditional ways of market analysis. There are a lot of available tools on the market. However, these are biased by analysts subjective interpretation. At the same time, everyone is working with the same historical data. They are trying to identify specific market conditions using traditional indicators, formations or by drawing their trends and analyses. REC platform‘s core is based on data that are being constantly collected and properly formatted for later use since 2017. The initial idea was to offer a historical session replay option - market replay. During the project development, we have discovered that instead of just collecting and formatting the data there is a strong need to evaluate and interpret those effectively.

We fight FOR


We fight for a faster, more exact and more interesting way of market analysis. We believe that our little revolution will disrupt and change the world of trading. REC is based on three pillars. Fast and easily accessible data set. Proprietary comparative search algorithm. Attractive and effective data interpretation (UX). Thanks to the Déjà vu tool we become Google for searching in historical data. All it takes is to ask the right question. The platform‘s ambition is to create a complex ecosystem with a marketplace and a series of innovative (unconventional) analytic tools that will enable us to connect experienced traders with the beginners.



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