REC token

With the influx of new capital, we will be able to fully focus on the ReplayCrypto project, gain publicity, build the community, expand our team and launch the project.
  • Initial token price Fixed: 0.001 ETH = 1 REC + bonuses for early participation.
  • Emission volume: 275 000 000 REC
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20 Protocol)
  • Payment methods: ETH, BTC, fiat

Funds allocation

  • Developement53%
  • Marketing15%
  • Business12%
  • Operations9%
  • Research8%
  • Sale3%

Token distribution ratio

  • Sale58%
  • Reserve13%
  • Partners10%
  • Investors10%
  • Team7%
  • Bounty2%


REC will be accepted as a payment method in the entire ecosystem, so inside the system itself the growing demand for is created.


According to the raized cap in pre-seed and seed investment round we are able to reach following features.
  • Search & Replay

    Detailed trading history
    Paied membership
    Pattern search = DÉJÀ VU TOOL
    Realtime chart
    Market replay view
    Whale radar
  • Patterns & Alerts

    Analytics(pattern) market
    Pattern creator
    Pattern prediction
    Analytics creator
    Analytics (pattern) sharing
  • Learn & Earn

    Data sources extension
    Feeling index
    Fulltext search
    Learning trading games for humans
    User events - Internal social network (diary)
    AI - questions and answers
    Progressive SL TP
  • Enhanced views

    Time zones
    Fear index
    Dominance (bitcoin)
    Ghost view (coins,markets)
    Multiview (coins, markets)
    Flip/reverse graphs
    Corelation index
  • Fundaments

    Fundament history
    Media power index
    Influencer power index
    Hashtag fundament map
    Market sentiment
    Google search index
  • Open platform

    API for robots
    Learning trading games for bots
    API for partners
    Partner/Affiliate program
    Mobile App

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